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1. Comfort and Fit: Earphones designed for sports activities must be comfortable to wear and extremely well fit. This is particularly crucial as headphones that fall off while playing, running or jogging can be downright maddening. In case, you buy from an online gadget store, try to check the popularity of the model before buying.

2. Style: Headphones designed for sportsmen are generally designed for smart fit. As such, you may come across various styles. Among all styles, ear buds are strictly not advisable as they tend to come out during heavy workouts and play activities. Headphones that come round the neck are decent investments as they last longer and are easy to carry. Another potential option is wireless headphones, which are technically advanced for smooth performance. However, all gadgets may not support wireless headsets, so check that in advance.

3. Weight: The weight of the headphone matter for sportsmen because they are always moving and need a model that can be carried off effortlessly. DJ styled heavy headphones must be avoided at all costs as these headphones are too heavy. There are other models can are light weight and offer superior sound quality.

4. Noise cancellation features: High end headphones generally have noise cancellation features. The feature allows users to have a better music experience by eliminating outside noises. It is obvious that these headphones are expensive, but once you buy them, you will not regret your investment.

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