DEWAPOKER.NET promoter of poker games online with real money

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DEWAPOKER.NET promoter of poker games online with real money

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AGEN POKER is the promoter of poker games online with real money in Asia, safe and easy as Facebook poker chips can be cashed at any time.

Bild present for all lovers of poker card games online, especially in Asia. With the new technology system and high-speed servers will make your poker game more exciting and interesting along your friends and your rival. Just do a direct login and play without download. with the latest encryption method will ensure data security members.

The following conditions apply and must be approved by the member.
By signing up to become a member, you are deemed to understand and approve the regulations applicable in TerminalBet | Ball & Casino Trusted Agent:
You have a minimum of 18 years old to open a betting account.
Each member shall maintain the confidentiality of individual accounts.
The data given when registering is TRUE and ORIGINAL.
Minimal deposit / balance charging your account balance is 50.000, -
Minimal withdraw / withdrawal balance Your account balance is 25.000, -.
For withdrawal in the game can be done every day for the website no maintenance and the bank is not offline.
For withdrawals (withdraw) ibcbet game 1x withdrawal can only be done in a single day from 11:00 pm s / d 20:45 pm for the website in question is not being maintenance and the bank concerned is not offline.
Bank current maintenance / offline, we do not receive the deposit (without any exceptions).
Deposit and withdraw can only be processed to accounts registered.

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