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Keeping a dog in an apartment or house is not as easy as one would think. There are many factors to consider , such as the size and locality of your house or apartment, the breed of the canine, its needs and requirements. And then of course there is the process of potty training involved, since the last thing you want to clean is doggy litter all over your abode after along days work.

Keeping a dog in your city home is a huge responsibility. You have to make sure you keep you pet healthy and happy. Keep in mind the fact that city houses are generally very small with limited space, so breeds that are big and built for outdoor activities will not be able to live happily.

Below is a list of dogs that are meant for a life in the city. Of course most city dogs are small in size and do not provide much in terms of real protection. However , their loyalty and companionship make keeping them worthwhile.

Pugs are an all time favorite with city dwellers since they are affectionate, well behaved and have a coat of short hair that does not require much maintenance. They do not require much exercise; a walk around the block will suffice. They are quite sedentary and can weigh up to 25 pounds, but they make interaction quite pleasurable.

Boston Terrier, Boxers, French Bulldogs:
Other city favorites include Boston terrier , Boxers and French Bulldogs. Although boxers are bigger than the others, all of them happily spend the day napping peacefully in a quiet house, and are satisfied with a quick jaunt around the block once or twice a day. These city favorites provide the much needed loyalty and companionship one looks for after a stressful day at the office.

Sausage Dog:
The Dachshund or sausage dog is another small dog ideal for city houses. This dog is well tempered and great with children. It is quite energetic for its size, but expends its energy running around the apartment or condo.

Owning a Basenji is like owning a cat, mainly because it hardly ever barks. This dog is great for people in apartment buildings that have strict rules about keeping noisy dogs that may offend neighbors. Its small size and obsession with keeping itself clean quality the Basenji as a good breed for the city.

Chihuahua and Pomeranian:
The Chihuahua and Pomeranian can also make perfect city dogs because they hardly require any exercise and are small enough to be carried anywhere in a bag. These gentle dogs are easy to train and clean up , and do not require much living space.

Shih Tzu:
Shih Tzu is another breed suited for city life, because it is small in size, easy to train and very smart. They will require a daily walk however, and regular grooming.

The Schipperke is a less common dog but great for apartment or condo living. Weighing about 10 to 18 pounds, this active small black god with a docked tail is very entertaining and makes a faithful companion. However , a quick jaunt around the neighborhood is a must for this fur ball to help stretch its legs and get some fresh air.

If a larger breed is what you have in mind, there are a few types that can fit the bill, but each has its own set of challenges. Mastiff and Newfoundland are sedentary dogs that do not require much exercise, but they usually weigh up to 100 pounds. Another aspect to consider is their drool. These dogs slobber over furniture and spread their drool over the apartment. The Newfoundland also has a long thick coat that needs regular grooming to keep it shiny and tangle free.
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