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Displaying the best strength of the entire 6000 series alloys , aluminium 6082 delivers medium strength plus truly excellent corrosion resistance. Best known as a structural alloy, it’s usually used for machining in plate form. The alloy has similar physical characteristics to the 6061 alloy, but has slightly higher mechanical properties in the -T6 condition. As such it has replaced the older, traditionally-used alloy 6061 in all sorts of applications, made much stronger by the large amount of manganese it contains, which in turn helps strengthen the metal’s grain structure.

Alloy 6082, on the other hand, isn’t really suitable for extruding complicated or thin-walled shapes, simply because the resulting surface finish is nowhere near as smooth as other similarly strong alloys in the 6000 series. What about the T6 and T651 temper? Under these circumstances the alloy machines well and produces nice, tight swarf coils when you use chip breakers.

The alloy is common across Europe and gaining traction in the USA, where it’s often used for rod and bar machining stock, custom structural profiles and seamless tubing. It also offers good finishing, responding well to anodizing by clear, colour dye and hardcoat methods. And it can also be tempered using solution heat treatment to age it artificially to create 6083T6.

What is 6082 aluminium used for?

6082 is often used in applications where there’s a lot of stress, for trusses, bridges, cranes and transport applications as well as more prosaic uses like milk churns and beer barrels.

Can you weld it? Yes, you can!

6082 displays excellent weldability as long as you bear in mind it loses strength at the welding zone. You should use alloy 4043 wire to weld the material to itself and alloy 5356 wire if you want to weld 6082 to 7005. Weld resistance is good. Gas and Arc welding both perform perfectly well. Plus you can braze and solder aluminium 6082. What about fabrication? Its cold workability and machinability are reliably good, too.

What designations and specs does aluminium alloy 6082 meet?

Alloy 6082 meets a variety of designations and specifications: ISO Al Si1MgMn, AA6082 , HE30, EN AW-6082, A96082 and DIN 3.2315.

This particular alloy is usually supplied as Channel, Angle, Tee, Square bar, Square box section, Rectangular box section, Flat bar, Tube and Sheet, as well as 6082-T651 in the form of extrusions, plate, aluminium bars (from 20mm to 200m diameter) , a wide variety of sheet thicknesses and all manner of tube.

Chemical composition

Alloy 6082 contains 0.4 to 1% Manganese, 0 to 0.5% iron, 0.6 to 1.2% magnesium, 0.7 to 1.3% silicon, 0 to 0.1% copper, 0 to 0.2% zinc, 0 to 0.1% titanium and 0 to 0.25% chromium.

Do you need aluminium 6082 alloy?
We’re your one-stop-shop for all things aluminium , including aluminium bars and 6082 alloy. Tenderall Fan Co. offers the most technologically advanced systems and solutions from the leading manufacturers of filtration technology.

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- Use of industrial dust collection systems protects the environment from pollutants from manufacturing processes.

Cartridge dust collectors and filtration media provide effective solutions for managing a variety of industrial dust issues including toxic, explosive and potent compounds. These cartrideg dust collectors are:

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+ Variety of clean-change dust discharge options such as a continuous liner.

Want to know what the future is in media based dust collectors? Look no further than to Northern Integrated Systems dust collectros which use the high performance filter media as in the cartridge filters and in filter packs.

The rugged, dependable Northern Integrated Systems line of dust collectors features Baghouse dust collectors, developed to handle high air volume and heavy dust loading encountered in applications such as:

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