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Are you in the 3rd year at university and now you have to write a dissertation for the very first time in your life but have no idea what is it Wholesale Jerseys China , what does it look like, how many chapters or sections it contains etc…

What if you get a well-structured <"http:www.dissertation-help.codissertation_samples.htm">dissertation template with relevant headings and information to be used as an example, how familiar you can get with the dissertation format and layout especially if you are writing it for the very first time…

Here are 10 most commonly used sections of a dissertation


Abstract is the synopsis of your whole dissertation.

It is usually written at the end of your research but is presented in the beginning of your dissertation document.

It should be brief and give the reader a picture of what you really want to convey and what your research is about.

2.Table of Content

This page contains your heading and subheadings used throughout your dissertation report.

Every heading and sub heading should have its page number mentioned along with it.

It helps user to read immediately the desired part without searching extensively.


It provides details about the background of the topic and the structure you intend to follow.

It explains everything to the reader as to where they are going and what they will find out.

4.Literature Review

A literature review section represent points both in support and against the argument, you are presenting in your dissertation.

It gives references to the work already done regarding the topic.


Methodology part explains what methods you will use and the reason for selecting a particular method.

The methods used should be mentioned with all the details so that the reader knows the exact reason of using a particular method and the outcomes obtain from it.

6.Data Analysis

Data analysis is the most important part of your dissertation.

You present data that you have collected and discuss the main issues.


You discuss the main findings of your research with the help of graphs and diagrams.

You need to convince the readers about the authenticity of your work and that the research will lead them to some definite learning.


Conclusion is the last part where you conclude what you already have mentioned in your research.

It should be such that it leads the reader to think and find ways to further elaborate on your research finding.


It includes all the references of the authors whose work has been studied for research purposes.

The name of the author, title Wholesale Jerseys , publishing date, where it is published everything is included.


This is the last part, it is the place where you keep the extra information which you can not include in the dissertation but is important to your subject in hand.

Therefore mentioned <"http:www.dissertation-help.codissertation_samples.htm">dissertation templates should not necessarily be the same for every dissertation.

It can be modified based on the requirements of the topic or the supervisor.

Use this template as an example for dissertation writing and save yourself from all the worries and aggravation.
Make your dissertation in a well-structured and professional way and guarantee your success.
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