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While some curvature of the manhood is not unusual Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , a severely bent male organ is something most men wish to avoid. Some form of trauma is frequently associated with a bent male organ, and so focusing on safe member care is often one of the most effective preventive measures. However, in recent years it has turned out that high blood pressure – or more specifically, its treatment – can sometimes bring about a bent manhood where previously there was straightness.

Peyronie’s disease

As mentioned, many men have some small curvature to the manhood that is totally normal and brings about no issues for its owner. As a matter of fact, some people (both women and men) prefer a member with some curvature to it. They find a graceful arch gives character and distinction and adds to the visual appeal of the member. And some women find that a little curvature, especially when it causes the manhood to curve slightly upward, can add a little extra “kick” to sensual activity. (It is thought that the slight curvature may allow a member easier access to the most sensitive parts of the female body.)

But when the degree of curvature is excessive, some problems may occur. If the bend is too extreme, it may make insertion into the female organ (or other orifices) difficult or even painful. When a man has a bent male organ of significant curvature, he is usually said to have Peyronie’s disease.


The exact specifics that go into creating Peyronie’s disease are still not fully understood; however Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China , it is most often associated with some form of trauma. This may be a “big” trauma, such as a very sharp blow to the member. It may also be a series of “small” traumas, which is more common. When this happens, the trauma causes scar tissue to form over the traumatized area. If enough scar tissue develops over time, it interferes with the elasticity of the skin. The scarred area cannot stretch as far as the other areas of the manhood, causing the male organ to bend at the point of trauma.


However, in some cases, men develop Peyronie’s disease without any obvious trauma. Among the other possible causes of a bent manhood is the use of tablets for high blood pressure. In particular, the use of beta blockers has some association with the development of Peyronie’s disease. There are numerous beta blockers, including acebutolol, atenolol Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , nadolol and timolol. And while beta blockers are associated with high blood pressure and cardiac issues, they are also often used to treat other conditions, such as migraines, social anxiety, and an overactive thyroid.

Exactly why beta blockers can bring about a bent male organ is not clear – and it should be emphasized again that not every man who uses beta blockers develops Peyronie’s disease. However, if a man is prescribed beta blockers, he should check with his doctor to see if his particular medication is associated with Peyronie’s; if so, he may wish to see if an alternative is available and discuss with his doctor the pros and cons of each medication.

Whether blood pressure medication causes a bent male organ or a man has Peyronie’s due to another reason, he needs to take good care of his male organ health. Using a superior manhood health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help, especially in terms of the pain that often accompanies a bent male organ. Since the pain is often related to the “tightness” of the skin Wholesale NFL Jerseys , using a crème with Shea butter and vitamin E (two excellent moisturizers) is a fine way to hydrate the manhood skin and keep it supple and looser. It also helps if the crème contains vitamin C, which is excellent for encouraging collagen production which in turn adds to male organ elasticity. Why do you'll need an external hard drive? Pecora Hoy
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