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People are living in an era of technology explosion. Computer networking and telecommunication is therefore an area which cannot be avoided. Such has been used by people in every level of trade and business and has shown great influence in thriving of any one setup. Having an effective IT Strategy on how to lay them in a position for the benefit of the organization is of key importance.

When coming up with a communication networking system , target recipients should be identified. This goes a long way in determining the type of infrastructure required for such needs. For local use, lesser resources could be allocated. Much should be allocated though if the target clients are far from the source as this requires expensive apparatus.

Another factor when dealing with this is the size of a company. In case the firm is small, the best infrastructure to use is a cabled one. The reason for using such a system is that it becomes easier to maintain it compared to when using a complex system. Using such a system does not require a highly trained expert. Therefore , in case it breaks down, you do not have to hire a much trained person to deal with it. However, a large organization requires a complex system because its needs are more. It will need a cabled and wireless system to provide efficient services to the target group.

Another vital factor to consider is the type of information the system will handle. Some information might be very sensitive and will require a safe channel of transmission. In case this system is intended for few people , there are more risks when dealing with a wireless system as compared to other systems. This is because of the possibility of hacking these systems. Therefore, the best one to use in such a case is a cabled system because it uses encryption to avoid information leakage. With encryption, information will not land into the hands of unauthorized people.

Different setups send varying amount of information in their structures. A method that is not easily congested must be preferred in an organization sending large volumes of data through their channels. Such are media and broadcasting house. Mobile phone services provider should also consider a method that handles large amounts of information and has minimal chances of crashing.

The cost of operation is also not left out when planning for the suitable system. Specially trained personnel may be required for monitoring of the entire system. The method chosen should therefore not go beyond the means of the organization. Maintenance and manpower resources should be locally available to cut on operational cost.

State guidelines and policies should guide in setting up an information relay system. Broadcasting frequencies require a lot of rules and regulations governing their operation. They also require special licensing which is expensive. Use a cheaper alternative method if available.

Backup measures ought to be laid in place. No system is a hundred percent breakdown proof. When this occurs , there can be loss of valuable information. Therefore a good backup system ought to be in place to prevent such occurrences and to keep the system running when the major one is being restored.

Look out for all devices required for the IT Strategy. Recipients need such devices to receive information. Therefore, provide such devices.

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