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Halotherapy or Speleotherapy is more commonly known as salt therapy which is used to treat and cure various types of respiratory troubles. With millions of people , suffering from different respiratory problems, all round the globe, whether it is a genetic condition or one developed due to pollution, this therapy has come as a boon to many. In order to understand this form of treatment in a more elaborate way, we must seek answers to a few very basic questions.
What Is a Salt Room?
A salt room is commonly developed for performing Halotherapy. Generally , the room is totally sealed and its walls, floor and roof are secured with thick layers of salt. The humidity and room temperature are then regulated to make an environment that is free from allergens and microorganisms. A few rooms may have special machines which will disperse fine particles of special salt into the air.
How Does Salt Therapy Work?
Salt therapy is a natural, drug free treatment which is performed on patients who suffer from different health conditions. The salt particles found in the air in the salt room are frequently negatively ionized. As they are being gradually inhaled by the people in the room, the particles go through their respiratory organs, thereby destroying bacteria and other contaminants on the way. The particles are so small they cannot be seen with naked eye , and in this way they are effectively absorbed even into the deepest part of the human lungs. When a salt molecule comes into contact with contaminants, it results in an ionic bond which is later excreted through mucus.
Himalayan Salt:
Himalayan salt is special due to the reason that it is absolutely pure and it doesn't hold any toxins and pollutants, which are commonly found in typical ocean salt. It also holds up to 84 known natural elements and minerals, many of which are discovered in our own bodies. Besides having a cleansing effect on our bodies, the Himalayan Salt is said to help in curing different skin conditions that result from respiratory troubles. It assists in reducing respiratory tract inflammation and helps in strengthening the immune system. The most widely recognized condition being tended to by salt treatment is asthma. It works to provide sinusitis relief by clearing any unwanted particles that have been at one time breathed in and is still causing breathing troubles. It also gives anti-inflammatory relief by clearing the patient’s airway. Respiratory identified conditions that can be treated through salt treatment incorporate bronchitis , sinusitis, rhinitis and different respiratory illnesses. Other conditions include ear infection, cystic fibroids and tonsillitis.
Various Benefits of Breathing Himalayan Salt Incorporate:
-Increasing the absorption of vitamins from the food that is consumed

-Better balance of pH in the body cells
-Control of water levels in the body
-Reducing ageing signs
-Strengthen the bones
-Aid muscular- vascular health
Who Goes for Salt treatment?
Everybody can go for this treatment, irrespective of age, gender , etc. However, people with respiratory illnesses, for example asthma are positively encouraged to attempt salt treatment before starting drug treatment. Besides providing sinusitis relief, this can serve to evade any drug reactions which are quite common in asthmatic kids. Every single person in the world wants to own a house. It is everyone’s dream to live in their dream house. While buying a new house is an American dream and numerous people keep on buying new houses frequently. But what is the most important thing before buying a new home? Yes, inspecting it thoroughly is the most important task. For the inspection of house , there is no better place than All Estate Home Inspection. All Estate Home Inspection is the most reliable and the Best Property Inspection Company in all South Florida. Since our formation in 2001, we have inspected over 29.000 buildings which ensure that we have seen everything.

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