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Donovan Smith Buccaneers Jersey

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Sometimes if you look at history of Euro Josh Huff Buccaneers Jersey , there are so many players who managers, fans and even their teammates have got high expectations from them but when the time comes, they usually fail to deliver. Here are some few players which i think will fail or will play below their par in the Live Euro 2012.

Wayne Rooney

Manchester United and England’s far most prolific striker of all time, Wayne Rooney has always failed to deliver in major competitions especially when it comes to World Cup and Euro’s. If you look at past World Cup and Euro Highlights, you can hardly imagine whether that is Rooney playing or is it someone else. England fans had so much expectations from him in the previous Euro and World Cup but he let everybody down. As a striker, it is your responsibility to score goals. As far as i know J.J. Wilcox Buccaneers Jersey , Rooney did not score even a single goal in the 2010 World Cup and in the whole Live Euro 2012 Qualifying campaign, he did not score more than five goals. His tally so far in England colors is just 28 goals in 73 appearances which is very bad for a striker who is renowned for his goal scoring form. If he can play so well for Manchester United, why can he not play the same way for England? Is it because of the pressure? With already Darren Bent most likely to be out for the Live Euro 2012, its likely that Rooney will take charge once again and if he doesn’t performs on the big stage, the England will not even qualify for the knockout stages.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid’s and Portugal’s main man and star of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the players who forgets his form when it comes to play for his National side. With so much media and recognition behind him Chris Baker Buccaneers Jersey , its most likely that Ronaldo will be the main target once again for the Live Euro 2012 for the media to criticize if he under-performs again. Ronaldo is great skillful player but sometimes it seems that, he does not blend well with his teammates when he plays with them and at the end, he turns up to be selfish. With already the coach of Portugal giving him the captain’s armband, should Ronaldo fail to deliver again, its going to be all but done and dusted for Portugal before it starts and there will be no amazing and unbelievable moments which we will be able to see in the Euro 2012 highlights. Ronaldo has so far scored 32 goals in 88 appearances for his National side which is an okay performance based on his standards.


In conclusion, if both Rooney and Ronaldo can come into superb form for their National sides respectively Ali Marpet Buccaneers Jersey , its going to be a goal festive season in Euro 2012 highlights. Let us hope we can see these two world class players click and produce some amazing and entertaining performances for their countries in the Live Euro 2012 in PolandUkraine. Because, as for now, England and Portugal need their world class players to perform if they really want to dream about winning the Live Euro 2012 trophy and see their names written among the past legends.
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